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Autumn Term September 2020.

Muddy Fun.

The children had so much today making a muddy mess. This was a child lead activity were they were free to explore their autonomy independently. We talked about textures as some parts were really wet and others were squishy, best quote 'that's yuky'. Boys do not tend to access more traditional forms of mark making so we try to find alternative ways they can explore early mark making that interests them. They enjoyed running the different vehicles through the mud but we also used large sticks to mix an make patterns in the mud 😊


Muddy Fun


This was the carnage afterwards 😁😁😁 The children planned this activity from start to finish. They were asked what they wanted to use and we made a list. They collected the resources and placed them in the middle of the table. Each child was then able to make their own choices about how they made their firework. Providing children with opportunties to make their own choices means they can become motivated and capable learners who can set and achieve their own goals 😊

Key person group activities

As a setting we do key worker group activities twice a day during our AM & PM sessions. These activities are usually based on the individual needs of the child but will also reflect their intetests to ensure they can fully engage with the activity. Some children prefer to learn in smaller groups, we have found that giving children the opportuntiy to learn in smaller groups enables them to build their confidance levels. Therefore, they can work towards fully navigating their social and learning environment on their own terms. 


As a setting we are focusing on developing communication and language skills by using a variety of play and creative experinces that children can relate to their own experinces outside of the setting.  This particular activity is 'Little Shoppers' the aim of this activity is to encourage a child's imaginative play with creative experiences that are familiar to them like shopping with their families. In addition, this will support children to develop their social communication skills they can use to navigate their social environments and build relationships with their peers.

Young Artists 😊

Party Time 😊