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Opening Times

Monday 8.45am -3.30pm

Tuesday 8.45am-3.30pm

Wednesday 8.45am-3.30pm

Thursday 8.45am-3.30pm

Friday 8.45am-3.30pm


Am sessions are from 8.45am until 11.45am.

Pm sessions are from 12.30am until 3.30pm.


We are flexible as to how parents/cares use their funded hours and children can either come in for lunch club at 11.30am if they are in for the PM session or pick up can be after lunch at 12.30pm.

Alternatively, please talk to us regarding your needs as we are more than happy to accommodate you where possible. Also if necessary and on request parents/cares are able to have a pick up time of 4pm. 



We also provide a breakfast club from 7.45am (breakfast is provided)